New website for gaming fans

Gaming fans all over the UK now have a new website to tantalise their taste buds as has launched this week; an innovative website that allows users to buy, sell and compare prices on their favourite video games and consoles. Users are also able to swap games with other members on the site, making a great destination for all those looking to shake-up their video game collection.

Launched by an affiliate marketer, aims to be the complete destination for gamers looking to buy, sell or swap video games online. Featuring gaming titles for every major platform, the site allows users to search for the specific games they’re looking for. Users are then presented with a unique price comparison chart, showing them where they can buy the game for the best price online; as well as offering them the opportunity to buy the game second-hand, or swap it with other site members for a game in their collection.

Working on an affiliate basis, users do not trade with the website directly. The site acts as a platform from which visitors can easily see where to buy or sell the games and consoles they want at the best prices; and are subsequently taken to the page of the merchants selling their game of choice to complete the transaction. The site also has its own Marketplace which is completely free for users to use, allowing them to swap or trade games with each other. This is handled through directly and not through outside sites.

The site has already partnered with many of the largest online games retailers, including Amazon, Argos, Game and HMV; giving site users a broad spectrum of choice when it comes to finding the best prices. also aims to bring gaming enthusiasts together, allowing them to share their experiences and reviews of all aspects of the video game world. Direct members can leave reviews of buying, selling and swapping experiences they have with other members; as well as discussing their opinions towards individual games and consoles. The site aims to not only be a one-stop shop for all video game and console purchases, but a community for likeminded enthusiasts to share their thoughts and hear all the latest news relating to the industry.

The new site will be running regular competitions, giving members the opportunity to win games, consoles and accessories. The founder of the site is also finishing off an accompanying Playr2 Smartphone application, which will be available for download on iPhone and Android devices in July.

Simon Kilby, founder of, commented on the launch of the new site:

“We are thrilled about the launch of the new site, and can’t wait for others to start enjoying all of the different features it has. As an affiliate marketer, I saw a real gap in the market for an independent site that compares retailer prices on games in an easy to understand format; that also gives you the opportunity to buy second hand, or even swap, with others on the site.

He continued:

“We hope that the new site, and the impending Smartphone app, will really help gamers ensure that they’re always finding the best prices for new games. Video games can be pricey, so making savings wherever possible is important. We’ll also be running lots of competitions, so users will have plenty of chances to get their hands on some awesome stuff!”

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