Could the new Oculus Rift change the digital world as we know it?

The future is here and it looks pretty exciting!

The Oculus Rift was and is a huge deal in virtual reality, and the latest version is a whole lot.. huger!

The new model includes ‘positional tracking’, using an external camera to track your whole upper body, meaning you can physically lean in or to the side to get closer looks or see round corners within games. This is the difference between users observing a virtual world  and being immersed in it.

The new ‘low persistence’ screen technology means that the motion blur in previous models is no more, so it’s clear enough to read things while turning your head, and not so nausea-inducing!

Gizmodo’s Eric Limer had the chance to try it out and believes that when the consumer model is realeased, it’s going to change the world, and we certainly think it’s the start of some really exciting stuff! See what else Eric has to say after trying the new Oculus here.

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