We’re the digital partner for a brand dedicated to ocean conservation, adventure & exploration.

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We recently launched the new website for Oceanographic. This original bi-monthly marine lifestyle magazine focuses on ocean conservation, exploration and adventure.

The publication is on a mission to raise awareness. Oceanographic is also donating 20% of its profits to ocean conservation and is partnered with some of the most committed and effective marine conservation charities working today (including Project AWARE®, Blue Sphere Foundation and Wildcoast).

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The flagship website

The site feature rich, unique editorial content and stunning, award-winning photography. Oceanographic offers shipment of the publication within the UK and internationally. Offline, high street retailer Crew Clothing, which has a rich coastal heritage, will also be stocking Oceanographic Magazine from launch.


Will Harrison, Oceanographic’s Founder, said, ‘Our focus has been in developing an excellent product which delivers a rich customer experience whilst contributing something of value back to ocean conservation. We needed a creative and digital partner who could bring the brand to life online and help us strategically with ecommerce and digital marketing. Strawberrysoup were the perfect fit and have been a fantastic team to work with who immediately understood and shared the vision from the very first meeting.”

Mike Williams, Business Development Director at Strawberrysoup, spoke of the agency’s relationship with the magazine, “We’re privileged to be helping such a great brand on a noble and hugely important mission. We instantly recognised Oceanographic and its potential to make waves (no pun intended) in awareness and supporting ocean conservation. I’ve seen firsthand, diving the Great Barrier Reef and in the Maldives, how delicate marine ecosystems are coming under threat. If we can help Oceanographic expand its reach, educate, inform and inspire — we’re doing something valuable with our time. We’re hugely proud of the website and creative direction—we look forward to helping the brand grow.”

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