Pearson choose Strawberrysoup as their digital agency for English Language Teaching

The team has been busy lately working closely with Pearson focusing on digital strategy, UX and search, as well as the design and development of 22 global product websites.

The English Language Teaching division of Pearson PLC chose Strawberrysoup as their digital agency 9 months ago. Since then we’ve been working on a wide range of projects, from running day-to-day maintenance requests across their 150+ global websites, to carrying out UX analysis and the remapping of user journeys on their current sites.

Pearson Choices

Pearson offer in-class and online training tools, tests and materials for a global community of teachers of English as a Foreign Language. They also provide a social space for these teachers to communicate with each other, as well as organising and publishing relevant lectures and conferences around the world. There are numerous products for students supplied by Pearson too.

More recently, we’ve been assisting with the design and launch of 22 new standalone Pearson ELT product sites in the short space of just 3 months.

The product sites sell different teaching suites for different needs. So, whether your students need a more tailored individual approach with Choices, or you think your class would benefit from the more wide-reaching and award-winning Top Notch series, Pearson is the world leader when it comes to English language teaching.

Pearson Progress Top Notch design

We’re really looking forward to working with the Pearson ELT team throughout 2014 and beyond. We’ve got some really exciting plans and advancement for their enterprise web platform including support for mobile, working with big data and improving their eCommerce offering.