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Peppersmith makes 100% xylitol mints and gum that freshen your breath, reduce plaque and help you avoid cavities and fillings.

A challenger brand within the mint and chewing gum world, Peppersmith has rapidly gained traction with dental industry professionals by positioning itself as a dental health care product that is as much a part of the daily dental hygiene routine as brushing and flossing – rather than just the typical ‘impulse purchase’.

A word from
Scott / Project Manager

“The need for subscription was key to Peppersmith’s growing business, as it would encourage the product to naturally become an intrinsic part of the dental health routine.”

Streamlined purchase process

Whilst Peppersmith’s legacy website included lots of information on Xylitol and Dental Health it was underperforming as a platform for driving sales online.

The eCommerce platform it was utilising was providing a sub-optimal user experience and checkout flow for mobile users and on the whole lacked the requisite flexibility for development of fulfilment integration and the subscription functionality which was key to supporting the goal of encouraging users to adopt the product as an intrinsic part of their regular dental health routine.

The new solution still had to offer the opportunity for one-off purchase but without compromising the new subscription service.

Whilst focussing on improving conversion the site still had to reaffirm the ethos and USP’s of the brand.

Solid solution

We worked alongside Peppersmith to successfully launch a new and future-proofed digital solution within a tight timeframe. The objective was a cleaner, more intuitive and mobile-friendly user interface coupled with streamlined paths to conversion.

In terms of platform, we employed WordPress for its greater flexibility and integrated Woocommerce for handling online sales. This enabled Peppersmith to manage all content and the online shop from a single admin area. Moreover, as an open source platform, it offered far more flexibility and scope for development, whilst helping to eliminate vendor lock-in.

Revisiting the overall design and UX we employed a fully responsive layout which enabled us to deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across devices – mitigating the need for any separate mobile site overhead and allowing us to improve mobile e-commerce conversion rate.

Cart abandonment tools were also utilised to test conversion rate improvements.

We implemented access controls as required so that different Peppersmith stakeholders would only have access to view and manage the site content that was appropriate to their role and responsibility.

Peppersmith now has a more visually appealing website that tells the story of the brand more effectively, allows both one-off purchases and a subscription service, that is international and seamlessly runs from one CMS platform integrated with the designated order fulfilment platform.

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