Designing a new brand and an exciting colouring book for Phoebe Atkey.

Print Design & Branding

Phoebe Atkey is a young illustrator based in the UK. Her intricate and highly detailed illustrious works have quickly gained an audience of over 91,000 followers on Instagram, leading her to work on commission illustrations. However, she had also been keen to start a range of adult colouring books. For her flagship book, she chose to take her fans on an exciting trip around the world with ‘Wish You Were Here x’. 

We worked closely with Phoebe from the initial concept all the way through to the final print of her book.

Inspired identity

One of the key elements to the project was Phoebe’s new brand identity. She required two logos, one for her personal commissions and one for her book brand.

With a real love of geometry and angles, we worked on a few different concepts for the brand before reaching the final design.

Phoebe’s new logo is structured around the geometry of a square and uses lines to create interesting and unique shapes, reflecting her illustrations. We chose a pale pink and rich grey colour scheme to accompany the logo. We then took the new logo and created an intricate pattern to sit alongside the brand.

A beautifully bespoke book

The book was designed to look and feel like a premium product, so print production and print finishes were key.

The front cover used rose gold foil for the title and is threadsewn to ensure the book is strong, and also allowing for the book to lay flat. Throughout the book, all images are printed in one pure Pantone colour; ensuring print costs were reduced, while maintaining an even ink coverage.

Internal pages needed to be printed on paper that was thick enough to prevent see through of the ink when coloured in; so we specified Vision Superior 250gsm, a rich, soft paper that conveys quality and luxury, perfect for a coffee table book.

Key considerations



Phoebe’s book is primarily aimed at women, ages 18-40, so this was key to the layout and design. It was important to ensure that the book would have enough shelf appeal for people to pick it up, and make enough of an impression for people to leave it on a coffee table or sideboard in their home for other people to look through.


With each illustration being colour using felt tip pens, it was key to make sure that the paper used within the book was thick enough to prevent show through of ink on the reverse. It also needed to be absorbent enough to allow the ink to dry instantly and smoothly to stop smudging and bleeding. Working closely with the client and the printers, we selected a premium Vision Superior stock.

Print finishes

The client wanted the book to be something people could proudly display on their coffee tables, so quality was key. We used Pantone inks throughout, which also helped to reduce print costs, and we foiled the book title on the cover in a subtle rose gold. This allowed the title to catch the light and draw the eye to it. A light grey was used on the cover to help the illustration stand out.

A word from
Phoebe / Client

“The team were involved throughout each stage of the project, providing their multitude of skills to make the final product the best it could be.

I couldn’t possibly go anywhere else with future projects having experienced working with Strawberrsoup – a friendly bunch of creatives who quite literally brought my ideas to life”.

A word from
Ian / Client

“The colouring book Wish You Were Here x is Phoebe’s first solo publication.  We decided to self-publish through Phoebe’s company Phoma and chose Strawberrysoup to deliver the book’s design and layout.  Although Phoma is a small, recent start-up and new to publishing, Strawberrysoup understood the strict parameters [and limitations] of our brief and delivered an outstanding book on budget and on time.  It didn’t matter that this was the first publishing venture for both companies; we knew Strawberrysoup would be our perfect design partner”.

A word from
Sam / Designer

“This has to be one of my all time favourite projects to have worked on. The design process challenged me in areas such as image retouching, colour correction and print management.”

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