Planting a Christmas seed

Remember a little while ago us telling you about our friends at The Seed, Africa raising money through crowdfunding to help plant a seed by sending a girl with great potential to school, who otherwise would never have a chance?

We’re all very pleased that the funding target was reached this week which means that Lelo will have her first year of a top boarding school paid for, helping her on the way to her dream of becoming a doctor.

This Christmas we decided that instead of sending our clients hampers of sweets and presents that we usually do, we would use the money to donate to this fantastic cause. We’re also really proud of our team who individually dug deep into their pockets to help.

So, sorry to all our clients, you won’t be getting any sweets from us this year, but you can share some of our warm fuzzy feeling for helping to make a real difference.

Written by [googleplusauthor]