Planting possibility

A friend of ours has launched a crowdfunding campaign and needs your pledges! But rather than asking for investment to back a new business idea, this campaign needs funding for the future of one little girl in particular and, in turn, the future of her community and generations to come.

The Seed, Africa has been set up by Georgina-Kate from Emsworth, a few minutes from our Chichester Studio. Years ago, she volunteered at a children’s centre in South Africa where she met eight year old Lelo. Lelo, now 15, dreams of being a doctor and would love more than anything to go to boarding school in order to do so. She is incredibly bright and eager to learn, gaining a place at one of the best higher education schools in Swaziland… They just need £6,700 to pay for a year’s scholarship.

Watch Georgie’s crowdfunding pitch video below for more about the project:

Pledge what you can and help secure not just Lelo’s future, but the future of her children, grandchildren and the community that will be helped once she can become a doctor. If The Seed receives more than £6,700 in pledges, the extra will go toward funding another year, but any less and unfortunately they can’t send Lelo to boarding school.

It really is all or nothing, so please help spread the word!

Visit their website and Crowdfunder page for more information.