Play Snake on the King's Cross fountains with your smartphone!

Did you know that you can now play Snake on the Granary Square fountains at King’s Cross?

Using a smartphone while logged into The Cloud, up to 8 people can play the classic game we all miss playing on our old school Nokias. But rather than playing it on a tiny screen and hitting 2, 4, 6 and 8 to move the snake around the screen, you tilt your phone to control a series of colourful water fountains moving across the grid!

The concept is cool enough for us to forgive the name of the app (not quite sold on ‘Granary Squirt‘) and we’re currently planning when we can next swing by King’s Cross to have a go ourselves!


Has anyone seen it in action or had a chance to play it yet? Is it addictive as it was to play on your 3310?!