Primo – Teaching programming logic to young children

Primo looks like a traditional wooden toy set, but it has been designed to teach young children the basics of computer science away from a screen.

In their own words, the guys behind this Kickstarter project describe Primo as “a play-set that uses shapes, colours and spacial awareness to teach programming logic through a tactile, warm and magical learning experience. Primo makes an incredibly important, but otherwise uninteresting topic to children, enjoyable and fun.”

Colourful wooden blocks connect to an interface board which direct Cubetto the robot home. By creating simple algorithms with the blocks, children learn the logical foundation of programming that they can then apply to more advanced coding later in life.

This is a great educational toy bringing digital processing into the analogue world and simplifying the concept for children to understand.

See more about Primo here.

Primo Primo Cubetto a friendly robot 3 • The code, a set of instruction blocks (Forward, Left, Right and Function) The Queue The green "function" block calls the last line of commands in the board every time it is encountered. This feature is by all means a sub-routine of the board. Once learned, it gives much more creativity in the problem solving process. There's also a way to hack the function line with an infinite loop! Primo

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