Promise or Pay

Have you ever told yourself you’ll start running regularly, that you’ll start getting up earlier in the morning, or that from tomorrow you’ll stop snacking? Most of us will make promises to ourselves along these lines but it’s can be too easy to break them when it’s just willpower between you and that tasty chocolate bar or cosy lay in.

Promise or Pay is a new concept which adds another element to the mix with making pledges to ourselves. They say that while 45% of people make New Years Resolutions, only 8% actually stick to them, but when money is on the line the chance of achieving a goal increases by 72%.

With Promise or Pay, you make a promise which is shared with others to help keep you motivated and you put money on you sticking to it. If you break your promise you have to cough up, but the money goes to a chosen charity. Maybe your promise is to run a sponsored half-marathon or climb Ben Nevis to raise money for a certain charity – this way, losing your own money is another motivator, but if you don’t make it the charity can still benefit.

Promise or Pay

Promise or Pay is about ‘using small, personal promises to drive real, wide-scale social change’ and it’s a great concept which is a simple, yet effective, way to help people to realise their personal goals while raising money for positive causes at the same time! They also post regular motivational messages on their Instagram to help keep their users on track!

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