Pub Hack

Yesterday, some of us decided to get a change of scenery and head to the pub for the day… For Pub Hack!

We arrived at the Brewhouse Kitchen in Portsmouth at 8.30, ready & raring to get started on the 10 hour hackathon – once we got a coffee down anyway!

Pub Hack

The eight of us were split in to two teams and StrawberryDaiquiri and StrawberryMartini (well, we were in a pub!) were feeling competitive! The theme ‘Awkward Situations’ was announced and we were off, brainstorming awkward moments and planning what we wanted to build around it.

Our two teams went in slightly different directions, with StrawberryDaiquiri creating something to eliminate that awkward situation of splitting the bill with their app ‘Go Dutch’, while StrawberryMartini deciding that we wanted to make awkward silences even more awkward by generating awkward questions to ask… Awwwkward!

We all know that beer is good for creativity, so out came the kegs of Brewhouse’s own ales to help us on our way designing, coding, and thinking up awkward questions!

Pub Hack - Beer o'clock!

It was all too quickly 7pm and time for all the teams to present our ideas to each other. There were some really clever and hilarious ideas and some good uses of tech to help get people out of (or create!) some really awkward situations! From helping to get people out of bad dates with fake phonecalls and breaking news bulletins, to an app that allows you to type out a picture pixel by pixel on a payphone to send a Snapchat when your mobile’s dead, to using Oculus Rift to generate a virtual reality of being heckled!

Keith presenting Go Dutch at Pub Hack

We had a fantastic day with some good laughs and we’re looking forward to next year already!