Reach Out West Sussex

Formally known as Aiming High for Disabled Children, Reach Out West Sussex is a Government initiative that funded the website. It focuses on providing an information resource centered around Communication for all. The focus is around communication and services available to the disabled children and their families in the West Sussex Area.

The website initiative is complex and breaks down into 4 main groups (essentially 4 mini websites in one):


A resource which contains a huge amount of information regarding different ways of communicating for many different types of disability.

Disabled children & young people

This part of the site is aimed specifically at young people and children with disabilities. The look and feel is slightly different with animated navigational elements and access to activities & events available to such people.  Unique to this section is the blog (chatter) which has a simple sketch plugin.  Users can submit sketches and they will appear on the website.

Parents, carers and families

Aimed at parents and carers, this section is a little more straight forward with access to the vital information this group would need which coincides with some of the information from the Disabled children and young people section.  A forum is available to this user group.

Working with disabled children

Primarily for working professionals within this sector, this section will appeal because of the information provided such as events and a Forum.


We are extremely pleased with the final result of this website, it has a real dynamic feel and has a huge amount of user enhancing features.

The site was presented to a very large group of individuals including children, parents, professionals and stakeholders at the Fontwell Racecourse.  The feedback from all groups was all positive and in some cases vastly exceeded expectations.

Reach out west sussex