Redesigned Website for The Fry Group

Since 1898, The Fry Group have been helping people make the most of their money, wherever they are in the world, and at whatever stage of life. The Fry Group use their extensive experience to make all aspects of financial planning simple, straightforward and effective.

The look and feel of the site was designed by our colleagues at the Design Distillery and we were responsible for the site build and implementing the functionality.

We worked hard to make this website as usable as possible and feel that the website works well both from a design and functionality perspective. Looking closely at the user experience, attention was paid to how any user would locate relevant information, this in turn has led to a contact enquiry to The Fry Group. The Library (their extranet) was custom built to contain financial information for registered members which of course, is managed internally and required further custom development of the CMS.

The Fry Group