A luxury British chocolate brand with a rich heritage and loyal audience.

eCommerce / UI & UX

Rococo Chocolates have a new online presence designed and developed by Strawberrysoup. Launching for their busy Easter season we provided Rococo with a new platform and digital space for growth and flexibility.

Working with a well-established and luxury food brand was rewarding and enjoyable. Our team worked within the existing brand guidelines, getting a feel for the business, to bring the brand through all design and development of the eCommerce new website that was launched.

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A platform migration

Rococo Chocolates had outgrown their initial Shopify platform – an ideal starting point for most eCommerce websites – and were looking for the next step. This came in the form of a migration to the WooCommerce platform. The WooCommerce platform would allow them the flexibility and scope for their business’s natural growth and development, providing a foundation for continued enhancing and expanding for Rococo.

With more scope for merchandising products and a new checkout process to deal with high volume sales at busy times like Easter, it was a logical move forward for the business.

Phased Approach

Peak business periods for Rococo include Christmas and Easter and the latter was chosen as a launch date, with the company wishing to approach the Easter period with their new digital presence. This meant a shorter deadline that would require a logical and realistic process from our Project Management team. A phased approach was decided as the best option for delivery.

Deployment was divided into two periods, with an ‘MVP’ primary phase, and a ‘Latter Functionality’ secondary phase. This ensured the website would be launched in good time for Easter with essential features including their Shop, About and other key pages. The Secondary phase post-Easter allowed for rolling out subsequent iterations for new features and functionality. This enabled us to hit Rococo’s deadline and provide best practice work.

True to brand personality

Rococo Chocolates has a rich heritage from thirty-five years of chocolatiering. Founded in 1983 by Chantal Coady OBE, Rococo set out to alter the perception of luxury chocolates through chocolate shops in select London locations.

With a brand philosophy based around taste, British creativity, quality, originality and experience, Rococo is an established brand needing to distil itself in a new digital presence. They have a rich heritage with over thirty-five years experience and a founder who has been honoured with an OBE. Mirroring these values and the select London locations Rococo have, they needed an online shop that felt right, something we worked through in our designs. We wanted to create a website that with a beautiful understated design to set-off the beautifully artworked packaging that Rococo already had.


‘The back end structure and components are easy to use – this is a massive benefit for the client who can recreate what we’ve given them in new pages on the site.’ – Keith Light, Web Developer

We focused on building an eCommerce experience that would incorporate a lot of the functionality users have come to expect. This has led to an easy-flowing experience with adaptable sticky navigation and Ajax search.

The sticky navigation comes into play on product pages where product imagery and details are displayed across two columns. The user is able to scroll through the product information in column two while still having the product image displaying in column one. It makes for an easy shopping experience where all information is at the customer’s fingertips.

The Ajax search functionality works from a three-character-limit, pre-filtering the results as the customer types. It saves time for the busy modern-dayer. For instance, the launch at Easter meant that if a user started typing ‘Easter’ into the search box, the products would start pre-filtering for ease.

Attention to UX details such as the above makes it a site that is not only coordinated with the brand but more fundamentally, it’s usable.

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