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eCommerce Platforms

We don’t push one platform.

Working across multiple platforms with dedicated specialists, we believe in defining the requirements prior to making a platform selection – usually to a MoSCoW methodology. This platform consultation, together with an understanding of timescales and budget allows us to recommend the eCommerce platform that best fits the needs of a project and strategy.

Whilst we do offer custom development, at Strawberrysoup there’s no obligatory vendor lock-in nor ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that can come with a platform developed in-house.

We work across open-source, platform-as-a-service options, as well as being able to provide a Headless eCommerce approach.

Some of our Platform options.

We’re an Agency Partner for BigCommerce, the scalable SAAS-based eCommerce platform that supports complex inventories, has a suite of robust APIs to support a headless approach to architecture, and has a stronger overall offering for B2B selling than Shopify does currently.

An open source eCommerce extension for WordPress. This platform offers a large number of plugins, superior SEO control, it’s highly scalable, self-hosted and enjoys a huge and supportive developer community. It offers excellent balance for design flexibility and selling online.

An innovative platform-as-a-service that includes integrated POS and tools for Social selling. Shopify offers PCI compliance level 1 out of the box and customisable themes. It’s an ideal solution for brands offering more select product catalogues, smaller budgets and less custom requirements.

This platform can handle complex product catalogues, multinational eShops and B2B functionality. It requires more investment for brands to offer its best.

Payment gateway integrations

Our approach.

We don’t start with a platform. 

We start with a brand, their goals and their needs. We then match those factors with the best eCommerce platform choice.


Our eCommerce work can be viewed here for a full idea of our B2C and B2B development capabilities in eCommerce.

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