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Making brands clickable.

Our Paid Search service is strategy based and measurable, always keeping the goal in mind. It gives brands the opportunity to appear for relevant keywords in search results and on social platforms using Cost-Per-Click bidding to appear.

Our approach.

We approach Paid Search advertising from an analytical perspective looking at user intent. 

We tailor strategies to include campaigns targeting specific parts of the buying cycle. This means users are shown relevant Ads according to whether they are in the Brand Awareness, Consideration, Purchase or Retention stage. Our campaigns and ongoing optimisation then works to improve performance metrics that matter most to a brand.

Paid search & social strategy.

In order to always be working towards a brands ultimate goal a strategy is essential. 

We define relevant success metrics for the brand and the actions we will take to improve those. You can read more about Paid Search strategies and Paid Social strategies.

Ongoing work.

The strategies we create make ongoing work clear and measurable. 

Our clients can see what actions will be taking in a given month and what we hope to achieve. The monthly report then makes clear if these actions have been successful and what further opportunities we have found. Our team find Paid Search a stimulating and satisfying stream to work on with its data-driven nature and clear performance.


We curate regular reports for our clients and schedule meetings to go over activities, performance and future opportunities. Our reporting platform pulls data from multiple sources and presents it in a visual, interactive form.

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