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Our Search Engine Optimisation service is strategy based with clear deliverables and reporting. Visibility in a busy online world is vital for brands. This is especially true when it comes to reaching new users. Organic search is users finding a brand’s website through natural (unpaid) search results.

Google work out what website results to show for queries through complex algorithms. Google ultimately wants to promote the best user experience. This means showing the most relevant website for a query or keyword.

Our approach.

Our work focuses on ensuring websites are technically and content-wise telling Google and users exactly what it’s about and what it’s offering.

This will help increase a brand’s visibility online and the relevance of the users who are seeing it. The more relevant the user, the more likely they will be to take the desired action on the website.

SEO Audits, Strategy & Planning

Our SEO work always follows a strategy based on the findings of an initial audit. 

The audit is the initial piece of work we undertake which determines immediate and ongoing actions. We then build these into a twelve-month strategy. This helps to refine the areas we are working in and the metrics we are measuring the success of our work by. You can read more about our SEO strategies here.

Ongoing work.

We make sure our clients know what we are doing and why we are doing it. 

This helps us to be excited about the work we are undertaking and also means we know exactly what we are hoping to achieve from it. Monthly work always has a main focus with all planned activities supporting this. Metrics to measure are defined within the strategy and these are then used for reporting.


We curate regular reports for our clients and schedule meetings to go over activities, performance and future opportunities. 

Our reporting platform pulls data from multiple sources and presents it in a visual, interactive fashion.


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