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We’re an award-winning social media agency with a proven track for helping both B2C and B2C companies successfully use social media to increase brand exposure, boost web traffic, gain insights and increase market share.
Social media strategy

First, let’s get an idea of the current state of things and work out what it is you want to achieve.

That can include looking at your current social media performance (that’s if you’ve been engaging in social already, you might not have), look at competitors and what they’re doing, get a good understanding of your market and then work out a plan of who we’re going to reach, when, where, how and why.

We’ve created and managed successful campaigns for big as well as small brands on the rise, raising brand awareness, improving perception of a brand, increasing market share, driving traffic and sales.

Channel management

Digital marketing campaigns often make use of numerous digital platforms and social media channels. These channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, all require maintenance and management.

We manage the curation, creation and posting of content as well as responding to customers comments and questions. Everything we publish upholds and enhances a brand’s reputation, from the imagery used to the tone of voice and vocabulary.


Using our range of proprietary social monitoring tools we monitor what conversations are taking place across social, news & blogs to find out what’s being said online about your brand, your industry or a hot topic. It’s a pretty cost-effective way of gathering intelligence on your customers.

Social isn’t a traditional broadcast marketing medium – it’s a way for your brand to build a relationship with your target audience, and listening is at the heart of every good conversation.

Social marketing apps

Facebook apps are a great way make your brand’s page more dynamic. Whether it’s a fun game, a competition, an interactive place to learn more about your brand or a map showing where your product is available, it gives your customers another reason to come back.

Our social, design and development teams work in unity to create brand enhancing apps that have proven to massively increase reach and followers. We can also take social to your website by building a hub of your social feeds or the chatter around your brand, a great dynamic brand building tool.


The content published by your brand should reflect and enhance the image you want for a brand. Content marketing is a powerful branding tool, and in the crowded digital world it’s important to create purposeful content that correlates to good enough to stand out above all the noise and be shared.

Community building

Marketing in the digital age is all about being sociable. It’s about having two-way conversations with your customers rather than just broadcasting messages. Consumers now expect to be able to tweet you if you have a complaint, tag you in a photo of your product on Instagram, or have a say in new flavours on your Facebook page, for example.

We make sure that your customers are being listened to and respond on behalf of your brand, keeping customers happy and loyal while building a positive brand image.

Paid social

Paid social is a highly effective tactic allowing targeting, engaging with and converting your target audience. We help you understand where your audience is spending time online, what they’re talking about and interested, and finding purposeful content to engage with them.

Using built-in social network advertising tools, we can target an audience so precisely so that the right people are seeing your message, proven to receive higher click-through-rates and better ROI.

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