Helping brands understand where they’re at, where they need to be going – and how to get there.

Our Strategic, Creative, Technical and Marketing specialists work closely together to provide an end-to-end service, guiding you every step of the way. 

Digital Consultancy

Quite often we work with brands who know all too well what their challenges are but need help in realising how digital can play a pivotal role in a solution.

Our consulting services help brands define a clear way forward – be it in commercial, technology or overall digital marketing strategy.

Before we jump into simply pricing up projects or campaigns based on a supplied RFPs, we’ll ask the right questions and sometimes challenge ideas where appropriate to get to a pragmatic solution. We’ve a collective wealth of experience in solving complex problems for brands in various sectors and add value by providing a guiding hand with consulting work.

Project scoping

There’s no ‘one-size fits all’ mentality here. Once we have a solid understanding of your challenges we can put together a solution that best fits the needs of your business.

Whether you have created a formal brief for a project tender process or not, our consultative approach to project scoping helps clients define the most appropriate set of deliverables, as well as the most practical roadmap for delivery within timescale and budget.

If your organisation is reviewing its technical ecosystem, be it considering a complex ERP integration or streamlining overall setup – we can also provide consultation and create a formalised, detailed specification for the project and advocated delivery methodology as a standalone service.

Project Management

We have experience of working across both Waterfall & Agile methodologies to project management.

We will spend time with our clients understanding their needs and then advising on the most appropriate methodology for the project. If the project has a well-defined scope with a fixed deadline and capped budget, then Waterfall usually makes sense. This is a fairly typical approach for most website builds, sequential phases where each must be completed before the next phase begins. We will still take a lean development approach to the project scoping, helping clients understand what can be phased in later with incremental development.

Agile methodology is usually a better fit for projects where the requirements and priorities have potential for change. It places emphasis on delivering functionality in sprints and iterating until we can launch an Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This approach typically lends itself to bigger, more complex projects where not all the requirements have been defined in detail at the start.

Digital Marketing Strategy
SEO Strategy

Our in-house digital marketing team provides Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) audits, strategy and planning support. Through a series of in-depth audits spanning technical SEO health of your website, link profile, keyword opportunities, content optimisation, analytics and social – we can provide a clear organic search strategy for your brand. For hands-on campaign work we work our clients to understand which areas we focus on and add value, and which areas are to be looked after by your internal team.

Content Strategy

Creating content that encourages users to take the action we want is an overhead many brands under-estimate. We take a data-informed approach to creating content marketing strategies for our clients, so that we can help them create content with purpose and that can be measured. This takes into account everything from keyword research to understanding what content users actually need and want at different stages in the buying cycle. We produce content creation and distribution plans and can support with the actual execution too.

Paid Search Strategy

We help to save our clients from making costly mistakes and focus on maximising a Return on Investment by implementing a proper strategy for Paid Search, i.e. Pay Per Click (PPC) for Search, Shopping, Display and Remarketing using the Google Ads platform. The immediacy of PPC allows us to take the top performing, most profitable terms from this activity and work into your SEO efforts in the long-run.

Paid Social Strategy

Whilst we don’t work on day-to-day management of social media campaigns here at Strawberrysoup (we would suggest talking to our sister agency Thinking Juice who specialise in that) we do a lot of hands-on Paid Social Advertising campaign work. We can help to define your audience segments, what they care about and where they are most actively engaged online. Taking a data-driven approach, we help brands to create a strategy for distributing the right content, at the right time, to the right platform and drive the engagement we want.

Brand Strategy

Helping to create brands with purpose is a service we fulfil using the specialist, award-winning brand strategy teams within our wider group (we’re part of the Sideshow group, the largest and fastest growing independent agency group in the UK).

Our breadth of offering includes brand & audience research, new product development, brand naming & identity, workshops and training.


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