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Paid Social Strategy

Planning for social engagements.

Our Paid Social Strategies help brands amplify their content to the right audience, at the right time and on the right platform to engage with them on.

There are many choices for social advertising and one of the key things we do is define what a brand should focus on. We can help determine where audiences are, how to reach them, and what ongoing optimisation needs to take place. We work across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There is a lot a brand can do in Social Advertising. The things we focus on when creating a strategy for social is defining what success will look like and then making sure we can track it. It’s important to be able to achieve measurable results wherever possible. These aspects inform a strategy which focuses on a set objective. Achievable goals are decided and given set actions to reach them and metrics to measure success are defined. This makes our Social Strategies focused and effective.

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