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Delivery models to suit different projects, budgets & timescales

We have experience of working across both Waterfall & Agile methodologies to project management.

Investing time to understand needs properly gives us what we need to advise on the most appropriate methodology for the project. If the project has a well-defined scope with a fixed deadline and capped budget, then Waterfall usually makes sense. This is a fairly typical approach for most website builds, sequential phases where each must be completed before the next phase begins. We will still take a lean development approach to the project scoping, helping clients understand what can be phased in later with incremental development.

Agile methodology is usually a better fit for projects where the requirements and priorities have potential for change. It places emphasis on delivering functionality in sprints and iterating until we can launch an Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This approach typically lends itself to bigger, more complex projects where not all the requirements have been defined in detail at the start.

Project managers.

Ever project with us is delivered with a Project Manager.

This means timelines, budgets and weekly touch-points are all provided by our Project Managers. They’re our clients’ go-tos. A responsive dedicated point of contact for a project.

How it works

Clients have access to the designers, developers and marketers working on their projects. 

A Project Manager works as a custodian of the project. They pull all specialists together to deliver projects for clients. We deliver project management with tools that enable central communication and overall project plans.

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