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Shady Grove Fertility is the largest specialist fertility clinic in the US. Strawberrysoup was appointed to create a UK site that would support their International Egg Donation programme and provide digital marketing strategy and support.

1 in 6 UK couples struggle to conceive naturally. Shady Grove runs an amazing programme that focusses specifically on providing egg donation treatment that as has a fantastic success rate and has already seen over 500 babies being born to UK patients.

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Clear, clarified communication

Strawberrysoup were tasked with creating a UK-targeted site to focus on the International Egg Donation Programme and highlight the key benefits to receiving egg donation treatment abroad.

As part of our discovery process, we had to work closely with the team in the US to elaborate on the requirements, getting a thorough understanding of its value proposition, unique benefits and position within the competitive landscape. This allowed us to distill the key content requirements that would support the objectives for the new site.

With such a sensitive subject matter, it was important that the new site should communicate Shady Grove’s offering quickly and effectively, immediately helping to answer frequently asked questions, allay any concerns  – all the while being easy and stress-free to use and engage with.

Guiding a users journey

The target audience for Shady Grove are on an emotional journey and exploring the egg donation can be a very challenging decision.

With this in mind, we strived to design the site to play an integral role in hand-holding and guiding users through the process of their potential treatment. We implemented an intuitive navigation with clean, simple transitions throughout the site. This in tandem with making key information easily accessible helps to build trust and confidence with users, allowing them to feel well-informed and unpressured on the path to conversion.

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A word from
Morgan / Creative Director

“We embraced the user experience challenge to take a complicated and delicate subject matter and present it in the most simple, reassuring way possible – hand-holding prospective customers through the site and minimising friction.”

Concise content

We created a fully responsive site that adhered to the new brand guidelines and complimented the US website in an appropriate way by maintaining a specific focus and minimising duplicate content.

We gave prominence to the key benefits of having donor egg treatment with Shady Grove, in particular, drawing attention to the detailed donor database, simple and supportive treatment process, the compelling success rates and ease of travel to the US – whilst making information on financing options clear and easy to understand.

Social media strategy

Shady Grove Fertility wanted to created a UK-focussed presence on Facebook. They had a strong US Facebook community of both past, present and new patients and used Strawberrysoup for the insight and expertise needed to innovate a UK page. Page set up, branding and channel warming was undertaken by Strawberrysoup garnering an audience for Shady Grove UK.

Creating a calendar of content requirements appropriate for a UK audience, we are tasked with projecting clear brand values and remaining topical. Competitor and industry research is needed while keeping a human and compassionate edge due to the sensitive nature of Shady Grove Fertility’s offering.

We have employed Facebook advertising, using specified targeting with implemented tracking and split-testing the Ads ensure they are tightly focussed and relevant for the target audience. Equally, ensuring that valuable user content is promoted to the right audience and people has been key in creating a community online that will go on to share those posts individually and further the reach and trust in Shady Grove Fertility UK.

Positive results

Our ongoing site improvements and search engine optimisation of the site has yielded:





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