Sharing Music with Spotify

Sharing music between peers is not a new idea. In fact, it has been around for hundreds of years.

Ancient cultures were clearly not able to burn their songs to a CD, but the effect of making music last, was obvious through how their compositions were written on parchments or art. In effect, they were creating the ancient mix-tape.

The idea behind a mix-tape, is one that sticks firmly in my mind after watching/reading High Fidelity as the art behind the perfect mix is a difficult one and can be attempted by many but mastered by few. We have all created mix-tapes in our lives, be it to show a girl your affection for them or for that long car journey. It is the process of sharing knowledge that makes the experience so enjoyable, especially if you in turn get something out of it.

Sharing; A term the Internet has made 11 times easier thanks to its variety of social music sites. The first site to pioneer this was Myspace with its fully functional music players that were available to all and allowed any band, regardless of their statur or size, to have their music available to all. Myspace opened the social music barrier and allowed the ideas to run free, as they have done.

Soundcloud,, Hype Machine are all examples of how music has gone social; How the user doesn’t just listen to the track but now helps to generate the buzz.
Music has come a long way online and Spotify is the key example of an application that may curb the rate of music piracy in the UK and Europe.

The joyful function of Spotify is that it allows you to share music with friends through its functionality,  especially the collaborative playlist. But nonetheless, the mix-tape for the 2.0 era is here and at Strawberrysoup, we want to experiment with it.

Posting a playlist on the Internet with the intention of allowing others to dictate what we listened to was a spontaneous idea, one that only came from the day being Friday and all of us being 7 hours away from enjoying the weekend. The results of it were encouraging, as fellow design agencies saw fit to add their selection of ‘choons’ to the playlist in an attempt to open our minds to new genres of music. The variety that the playlist eventually consisted of was extraordinary, and the reason behind this is simple.

Everyone is a music genius, and has a musical ego, whether this be a conscious or sub conscious. In Spotify, when you link a song in, your name is rubber stamped next to it, a direct link to your musical taste, so your taste is put on the line for all to see. This encouraged the majority of contributors (Rikrolling aside) to carefully choose the songs that they dragged and dropped in. Nobody wants to be the guy who still thinks S Club 7 is cool.  (which they are)

So without further a due, lets explain the simplicity.  Subscribe to the playlist below:

Check out the Spotify playlist here:
Check out our Last.FM profile here:

Start adding songs, and then hit Play. You can randomize it, or play it straight through. But don’t bother changing the order so that our next song is Chico as we will be watching. To see what we are listening to at all times, check out our account.

Also, remember to pass it around, as the more the merrier, and maybe it could even lead to a blossoming relationship.