Game-changing smart tennis racket set to make an entrance at Wimbledon

A ‘smart’ tennis racket, which has been in development for 10 years, will be starting to make an appearance in tournaments in the hands of some of the world’s top tennis players including Rafael Nadal.

It is anticipated that the new Babolat ‘Connected Racket’ will give its users a clear advantage over their opponents in Wimbledon and Roland Garros, but has been designed for amateur players as well as professionals to allow monitoring of performance in detail that hasn’t been possible before.

Nadal backs Babolat smart tennis racquet

The technology built into the rackets will collect data about the power and the angle of their shots, the level of spin, endurance, technique, consistency, energy and rallies.

Nadal has said that it is a great innovation for the sport: “I think it’s great because you have the chance to know much more about your tennis, much more about the way you are hitting the ball… and in the end you can compare with other players.”

The racket is available to buy for amateurs from today, for £325.

Babolat smart tennis racquet Babolat smart tennis racket Babolat smart tennis racquet

Babolat smart tennis racketMore info and promo video available on The Telegraph.