Strawberrysoup chosen by Shady Grove Fertility

“We’re really excited to have been chosen by Shady Grove Fertility to not only create a brand new UK focussed website but to build a social strategy and fulfil their on going UK social media management.”

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Who are Shady Grove Fertility?

Shady Grove Fertility are the biggest fertility specialist clinic in the US who support families in their journeys to become parents through various methods, but most specifically via egg donation.

1 in 6 couples in the UK struggle to become parents and Shady Grove Fertility run a programme for international couples looking for egg donation in the US.

Why go all the way to the US for egg donor treatment?

There are some big differences in the process for egg donation in the US as opposed the the UK. Firstly, in the US, the entire process is completely anonymous. This protects with donors and recipients from ever being able to make contact with one another. A hugely reassuring difference compared to the UK where the legalities around egg donation are not completely anonymous.

Secondly, the US provide a huge level of detail on the donor which is accessible to families who are searching for eggs. This can provide both valuable insight into the donors specific features and personality but also allows recipients to make the most informed decision possible.

How are we helping Shady Grove Fertility?

We’re really pleased to be supporting Shady Grove Fertility in building a new UK site, focussed on couples and individuals in this country who are seeking advice and treatment. We’ll be working closely with the teams in the US to ensure that our UK site is both aligned with the soon to launch new US site but also UK centric so it resonates with the right audience.

The social media strategy with be aimed at targeting a very specific audience with very focussed needs and will be carefully considered with these individuals in mind. On going, we’ll be managing the UK specific channels to facilitate a community and act as a support network of advice and information on egg donation.

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