Strawberrysoup join steering group for sustainable campaign “Engauge Online”

Engauge is a pioneering project developed by West Sussex County Council to help schools improve their sustainability. It brings together many existing environmental initiatives and supported the Labour government’s 2020 targets for sustainable schools.

Engauge Online will be an ongoing campaign designed to help engage schools, businesses and communities to help restore environmental, social and economic stability. The campaign aims to raise the profile of sustainability and promote the concept of being sustainable throughout our normal daily lives. A long-term aim of the Engauge campaign is to be recognised on a national and international scale as the benchmark for commercial and personal sustainability.

After meeting the existing Engauge Online steering group both Keith McGregor, Commercial Director, Strawberrysoup and Morgan Williams, Head of Design, Strawberrysoup were asked to join the steering group to help drive the project in the right direction online.

Their first step in the online marketing process has been to create a new holding page to give schools information about Engauge Online with links to supporting documentation and online newsletter sign-up –

Keith McGregor Business Commercial Director, Strawberrysoup said, “Strawberrysoup is always looking at how to do business in more environmentally friendly ways. If there are greener ways of working, we do our best to incorporate them into what we do. We are committed to being long-term members of the Engauge steering group to support the direction of the overall Engauge Online campaign. In the process we will become more knowledgeable about sustainability on both a personal and commercial level, which will help us develop Strawberrysoup Ltd into a sustainable full service agency within our industry.”

The specific objectives of the website will be:

  • To generate enquiries from prospective long-term sustainability partners
  • To market the overall Engauge campaign and its associated brand
  • To support all future offline marketing campaigns
  • To foster the growth of sustainable schools, communities and businesses
  • To enable users to self assess themselves using the Susguage model
  • To provide help and advice on how to become more sustainable
  • To introduce schools, businesses and communities to sustainability professionals to help them in their effects to become more sustainable

Sustainability specialists and volunteers are needed in a number of areas to support the campaign, including:

Energy | Water | Procurement | Sustainable Buildings | Grounds Development | Waste and recycling | Travel and transport | Inclusion and participation | Health and wellbeing | Heritage and citizenship. To join in, volunteer and register for progress updates, visit the Engauge Online website.

To demonstrate their commitment to sustainability on both a local and national level, Strawberrysoup Ltd wanted to donate some of their own time to achieve the best possible results for the website. They accordingly took the decision to reduce their charge rates for the project by 40% to ensure they had enough time to not only deliver the online platform but also support the overall goal and ethos of the Engauge Online campaign.

The full Engauge website will launch in June 2011. The website will focus initially on schools within the aim of subsequently rolling out the campaign into business and the community.