Strawberrysoup nominated for 2011 Media and Innovation Award

Bournemouth-based creative web and design consultants Strawberrysoup have been nominated for the 2011 Media and Innovation Awards in the “Community Web Use” category for their WhereWeDesign project.

Where We Design is a website where creative people of all disciplines and professions can upload pictures and information about the places where they work – their offices, their studio, their garret, their garage, even their boat or local pub – and how they inspire them (or don’t!).

Neil Dennis Business Development Director, Strawberrysoup said, “There was a time – so I am told – when creative agencies lived behind Chinese walls for fear of having their ideas pirated or their clients pinched. The modern generation of creative professionals, particularly in the field of digital innovation, thrives on sharing, collaboration and networking. This fresh approach was largely pioneered in the South West, perhaps because of the blue skies and the fresh air attitude to life that we enjoy here, and we are pleased to have made a contribution to this healthy trend with Where We Design.”

“We started WhereWeDesign as we love the design world, especially the people who produce the innovative work. We wanted to find out more about the people, designers, artists, architects, freelancers and agencies behind the work and we now have over 1600 Social Media followers.”

The Media & Innovation Awards are run in association with the Creative Industries iNet, and celebrate the very best work produced over the last 12 months in the creative and media industries, from across the South West. The 2011 Media & Innovation Awards are part-funded by the Creative Industries iNet, a programme designed to help South West creative businesses thrive and advance the region’s growing reputation as a global creative centre of excellence. The Creative Industries iNet is a part of the Government’s Solutions for Business portfolio, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and led by South West Screen.

Entries were open to those working in creative industries with membership of a regional design, music or creative network.