It's our 9th birthday!

It feels like only yesterday we were enjoying cake on our 8th birthday, and just the day before when we rocked party hats and, yep, ate cake on our 7th birthday.

Today we are celebrating our 9th birthday and – guess what? – we have cake (thanks Lucy)!

This last year or so has been a great one, having joined Sideshow, welcomed lots of new faces (including the gorgeous bear-sized dog, Bear), seen the arrival of Neil’s twins Finn and Rory and worked on some great projects with clients such as Pearson, The Body Shop, Breast Cancer Campaign and Carte Blanche. Oh, and we’ve achieved 30% year-on-year growth… Not bad!

While we’ve been reminiscing on the past 9 years of Strawberrysoup, we’ve also been thinking about what each of us were like when we were lovely and sweet 9 year olds.

A few of us have been digging around in our photo albums and found some embarrassingly brilliant photos of when we were 9(ish) and we just had to share them!


Recognise anyone?!

Keith Neil2 Adam 1 Lucy2 Manisha Charlie Harry Hayley1 Samantha Sam Damian