Success for Meetdraw 5

We were really pleased to be asked to join in and help organise the latest Meetdraw event. We had enjoyed the previous events and felt that it was a great opportunity to get some London-style, Thursday night networking between the creative agencies in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

Having designed and developed the, we understood the ethos behind the event and really fancied working with some other agencies too to organise the best Meetdraw possible. Experience Solutions, PixelFish, 3SidedCube and MindTank stepped in to offer their support, so we had our event team!

The month running up to the evening was spent discussing ideas, deciding who was going to do what and was a great opportunity to understand how each of us would work together. Experience Solutions came up with the idea for the bingo which Pixelfish and 3SidedCube helped develop into Ballsh*t bingo as well as designing posters and the materials for the actual evening (beer tokens, badges etc..) We were responsible for the Twitter/Google map API and MindTank opted to be responsible for the beer tokens on the night – a wise move!!

The evening was the most successful Meetdraw to date, drawing in many new faces and over 160 people attended. It was held at Bar So in Bournemouth who were more than accommodating and gave us drinks offers throughout the evening.

We were really proud of our team, as they all came along from Chichester to show their support and meet new people. You can see more photos from the event here.

Meetdraw 5 Meetdraw 5 Meetdraw 5