Supercharge your local search

We were recently asked to speak at a UK business event held by Avanta Serviced Offices in London. The invite was to inspire and educate decision makers and business owners with bricks and mortar location based elements to their product or service. The aim was to show them how they can improve the performance of their website to increase footfall and awareness.

How can they can bring elements of traditional marketing and digital marketing channels together with the goal of improving geo-specific presence? We gave a talk about local search engine optimisation and the importance it bares for local businesses. From those with a single store to national businesses with multiple branches, there are ways that location based SEO can help others to discover you online.

London light streams

Why is local SEO important?

In order to coincide with the continual emphasis on mobile search experience, Google has placed extra attention on local search experience and the quality of results. Not only making mobile results more cohesive with desktop, but ensuring users with local intent find what they’re searching for. Now that mobile search queries have overtaken desktop and a large number of users searching on a mobile have local intent, it’s time to get serious about your local presence online.

The infamous local search results pack (which once included ten results) has recently been squashed from seven results to three, so if you aren’t already, now is a good time to start practicing local search. Google are testing features such as being able to filter local businesses by star rating and other such enhancements.

Below, you’ll see snippets of the presentation we gave and how you can improve your location based performance. Whether this is by correcting or adding more local citations or creating unique landing pages for each branch, there are always ways to improve what you do online and be seen locally.

Supercharge your local search from Strawberrysoup

As an agency that has a strong background in helping local businesses to grow, we understand how important it is to get the right visibility for your site. So, if you’d like to speak to us in more detail about SEO strategy, local search engine optimisation or local PPC advertising, feel free to get in touch today and we’d be happy to talk over a brew.