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The Tennis Foundation is the UK’s leading tennis charity. They believe anybody can play tennis, regardless of their background, age, size or ability – as such they create opportunities for people with a wide range of disabilities to get involved with and fall in love with the sport, especially those who don’t normally get the chance to follow their dreams.

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A word from
Neil / Managing Director

“We worked very closely with our friends at NOW who had conceived the new brand identity, design guidelines and were ultimately brand guardians.”

An exciting challenge

The previous Tennis Foundation website has some fundamental issues that we looked to resolve. After looking at the structure of the site, it became obvious that communication was key. It had previously been difficult to differentiate between the work that The Tennis Foundation do and the events that their partners at the Lawn and Tennis Association hold.

It was key to communicate that tennis really is a sport that anyone can play and that it can be adapted for any level of ability, from complete novice, all the way up to star athlete. We also wanted to make a compelling case and emphasising how beneficial tennis can be within the education system.

Absolute accessibility

We adhered to accessibility guidelines, putting clear measures in place so as to make the website accessible and easy to use by all – this encompassed functionalities such as enlarging the font sizes, changing the saturation and contrast were crucial, to ensure that The Tennis Foundation’s website was easily read on all device types.

Our streamlined solution

To help make their proposition immediately clear and easy to understand we worked with The Tennis Foundation to showcase their hard work with their own dedicated branding and standalone charity website.

We worked collaboratively on this project with our friends at NOW who led the branding work, whilst we focussed on the visual design, usability and development.

The site is deliberately streamlined so as to support the user journeys. Working with the Tennis Foundation team we distilled the core information requirements down to correlate with an intuitive, easy to use navigation.

The design is full responsive, delivering a consistent user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

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