The Importance of Copywriting Content

You already know about the importance of having a well structured, usable and professionally designed website so there is no point in preaching to the converted about this – but what about the content?

We have found that from a client and agency perspective, content is regularly thought about during the final phases of the process. The sitemap has been created, wireframes are signed off and the design looks beautiful. Now the development has been finalised, tested and handed over to the client – who is looking after the content? Lets just knock up something quickly….

Evolution of Content

Strawberrysoup was very different 5 years ago. There was just two of us and we were working out of a shed in a garden. The content of our website was therefore describing a completely different business and targeting different potential clients.

Neither of us were particularly good at English during school, so writing content always seemed like a long and arduous task, especially when faced with the task of writing lots of very similar pages such as portfolio items. On the same principles, we are reasonably technical, so when describing our services, the content contained a lot of jargon which meant that our potential customers struggled to understand certain aspects of it – so improvements could certainly be made!

What is Copywriting?

From our experience, a copywriter is ultimately someone that amends or rewrites content so that it makes more sense and is easier to read. Very similar to a UX analyst or usability technician, a copywriter makes content usable from a readers perspective.

We found the process quite simple and any good copywriter worth their weight will be flexible in how they work. They should initially ask questions aimed at understanding your business and its objectives. Following this, they will work with you to highlight a tone of voice that should be used throughout the content, such as informal, professional or approachable – Strawberrysoup was all three.

We work with a Bristol based copywriting agency called Writers and they have made the whole process very simple for us. They have spent the last month or so revamping the Strawberrysoup website content (still to be added to our website!) and we are really pleased with the results.

An Example from Strawberrysoup

After our content was reviewed, our copywriters identified that rather than explaining something in a clear and concise paragraph, we waffled and used over-complicated words to bulk out our content. It’s not always about shortening the content, but restructuring it so it makes more sense and is easier to read. An example of this is on our About Us page:

Strawberrysoup was launched on the 1st of June 2005 by two university friends (Neil and Keith) who had always dreamt of running their own design agency. They chose to specifically target small and medium sized businesses who were looking for a reliable and professional web design agency that they could work with, at a price that they could afford.

Now four years have passed, and we have evolved into an 8 strong team, working with a wide range of clients from small SME’s to large multinational blue chip organisations.

We still stick to our core principles of being 100% approachable, friendly and professional in everything we do. We also care about how running our business effects the environment.

Here is the new content which is much more logical:

A bit about us

We’ve expanded our team from just two in 2005 to eight today, and developed a healthy client list and portfolio along the way. We started by helping local businesses, and we still do. But we now work with large blue-chip multinationals, too, and plenty of other businesses and organisations in between.

With our combined expertise, we can allocate the right people to any job, large or small. You can find out a bit more about the team here, or get in touch to discuss a project.

Why choose Strawberrysoup?

Every website should be inviting, easy to use and enjoyable. And as well as being visually impressive and in tune with your business, it should give visitors the information they’re looking for as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. Get it wrong, and they’ll go straight to one of your competitors instead.

So as well as being excellent creative designers, we’re also here to think like your audience and offer strategic marketing expertise.

And to complete the picture, you’ll find us an approachable, helpful team who do what they love and love what they do.

Keep the Search Engines Happy

Whilst having beautifully worded and concise content is essential to end users, we must remember that having fully search engine optimised content is just as important.

There is always going to be a fine line between content that is too heavily orientated to promoting keywords and content that reads like a professional novel, and your copywriter should be able to give recommendations on this too.

Remember that well optimised content will direct users from the search engines to your website, but what is the use if they cannot read the content or understand what is being described once they get there?


We would always recommend asking someone like a copywriter to review your content.

And don’t panic – it doesn’t need to be a professional agency. Ask someone who can cast a fresh view over the information. You can ask a friend or member of your family to help out – you will be surprised at how the content will improve after some outside help.