The growing importance of social media shopping

Just when you thought you had nailed your businesses social media strategy. Think again! You may have seen green shoots of a community forming, decided on an effective risk management process and had some great interactions with users and as a result increased follower metrics. You may even have embarked on social media campaigns and dipped your toes into the world of social media advertising. Well, now there is another area being thrown into the mix, and that is social media shopping.

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A new wave of social media

The next wave of social media marketing is well and truly underway and set to change the way we as consumers shop online. As businesses have long tried to identify a method to justify the costs and resources involved with running impactful social media marketing, social shopping may just be the solution. Social media is a very unique channel in that many peoples understanding of its importance in a modern market place is sometimes blurred. Surely this confirms it should form part of your wider marketing strategy.

Finally, a method to track social media ROI

Historically, the problem for many has been the real lack of a tangible ROI on social activity (with the exception of paid advertising). Can you really prove that brand awareness or customer service is impacting ROI or the day-to-day running costs of the business? At present, these channels may not provide a direct return, but the cost of running social channels may be offset by the efficiency of them.

Should I take notice of social media shopping?

If the number of active users and way in which consumers use their devices isn’t enough to convince you social media is here to stay, perhaps the latest wave of mobile social media e-commerce functionalities can.

In a world where many rely on mobile to run their day-to-day lives and search on mobile devices overtook desktop computers, it is no surprise social media platforms are tapping into the potential to integrate commerce solutions to satisfy both the needs of businesses and consumers.

We’ve rounded up the best social media shopping functionalities that are set to start a new trend in consumer shopping behaviour.

Facebook is set to add a shopping functionality

That’s correct, Facebook is going to take on other mobile shopping solutions by adding a shopping function to its brand pages. This will surely make the platform more attractive to ecommerce retailers and is already being tested.

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Instagram introduces shop now buttons

Instagram has been a platform notoriously difficult for marketers to gain success on. Mainly due to the lack of being able to add links to posts. However, that recently changed thanks to the addition of Shop now buttons and other messages that link outside of the app, opening Instagram up to millions of advertisers.

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Pinterest adds buyable pins

Pinterest users can now shop on the social image sharing site by clicking on pinned products to reveal the price, choose a colour, size, and quantity. Visitors can then click-to-buy and complete the transaction using a credit card or by paying with Apple Pay.

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Twitter adds product page and collections function

Twitter recently introduced two new ways for brands to display products on the social network. Product ‘pages’ now give businesses the opportunity to create dedicated landing pages that include tweets about the product, reviews, photos, videos and pricing. ‘Collections’ enable brands to compile a group of product pages and provide a place to browse, an experience very similar to boards on Pinterest.

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Google to add Google Buy button

Now we have already heard a lot of talk about optimising Google Shopping campaigns in paid search, and this is nothing new, but Google have taken it to the next level by introducing the ‘Google buy button’. In a bid to increase its retail search traffic, Google is going to add these buttons to search results pages on mobile devices. This will no doubt spill over on to Google Plus too.

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Further to all of these exciting emerging new mobile commerce functionalities by platform, marketers and businesses should take note of what is happening in the market place around this. App search optimisation and the ability to add deep linking to iOS applications has enabled search results to display app pages, as mentioned earlier mobile is taking over desktop for search and the use of other techniques such as integrated product wish lists, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch will all contribute to a boom in mobile social media commerce.

It’s no secret that the digital marketing place moves very quickly and it is for this reason businesses should understand the continuous changes occurring.

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