The Money Shot Game

We were selected recently to create a concept, design and develop a viral game to kick-start Purple Love Week 2009 for Olives Et Al. The game is based around the concept that to beat the current UK recession, people need to spend money and that if one spends £5 in their local economy, this money is then spead 5 times around the local area.

The concept of the viral game involves a scrolling high street that we designed which includes shops like butcher, deli, lingerie shop and also a bank. The player has an unlimited amount of £5 notes and 30 seconds to throw the money through the randomly opening doors of the shops. If the money is thrown into the door of a normal shop, your money multiplies by 5, whereas you will loose all your money if you throw it in the bank (trying to discourage saving!)

We created a leaderboard for high scores and also end users can send a bank note with the money that they raised to their friends to spread the message!

The game is available to play now so what are you waiting for? Visit to give it a go and try and get the highest score!

The Money Shot Viral Game