Top 10 Tips for Blog Success

top 10 tips for blog success

Blogging is an increasingly popular online activity, with everyone from businesses to celebrities, governments to interested individuals having a go. With so many blogs around – and more being created every day – how can you ensure that yours stands out from the crowd? We take you through our top 10 tips for blog success.

1) Know what your blog is for

This sounds pretty obvious, but if you don’t know exactly what your blog is for and what you want to do with it, you’re not going to get very far. Spend some time thinking about why you want a blog. Are you looking for new, creative ways to promote your business or a service? Are you embarking on an important personal journey and want to share your thoughts? Do you have opinions that you want to explore through your blog? Coming up with a clear idea of your intentions will help to focus your blog and enable you to target readers more successfully.

2) Be careful with your advertising

If you have any sort of success with your blog, then you might want to consider featuring advertising as a way of making a bit of money. If you decide to do this, then you need to investigate the different ad networks available carefully. You should also start off with low prices to entice people in, as no one is going to pay lots of money to advertise on a blog that’s just starting out. Also consider the amount of advertising you feature on the blog, as many advertisers won’t place their ads with you if your site is already overcrowded with others.

3) Think about your SEO

Search engine optimisation is a good way to boost the numbers of people reading your blog. This means working out keywords that are relevant to your blog and then constructing posts to include them. For example, if you were trying to promote your new coffee shop, then a key phrase could be ‘independent coffee retailer’. You’d then construct a blog post to include this phrase, which would improve your rankings in search results when people searched for that key term. Also make sure to construct your titles to include a keyword that relates to the specific blog post as this will also help boost your search engine rankings.

4) Be creative

It’s easy enough to set up a blog, but it’s much harder to keep it fresh and interesting for a long period of time. For this reason, you need to think creatively to keep people coming back for more. You could consider having guest bloggers who write blog posts for you or perhaps include posts where you discuss particular opinions. Video blog entries are another way of keeping things interesting if you’re looking for new ways of utilising your site.

5) Engage with your readers

Keeping your readers engaged is important if you’re going to have any success with your blog. As well as well-constructed posts that pique their interest, you should make sure to acknowledge your readers when they leave comments on your posts. This lets them know that you appreciate the support and lets others know that you’re approachable, friendly, and that your blog is a welcoming environment. When you’ve built up a bit of a readership, you could perhaps start discussion posts seeking input from your readers so they’re at the very heart of your blog.

6) Moderate it properly

It’s important to make your readers feel welcome on your blog, and part of this is making sure you moderate it properly. This means dealing with any trolling or nasty comments (negative comments that are constructive are fine; it’s when things get vicious that you need to act) as well as deleting any spam that may occur. No one wants to read a blog that’s covered in spam, so keep things neat to prove you’re on top of it.

7) Update regularly

You should update your blog on a regular basis to keep it active. This will not only help your SEO but will encourage people to check it regularly. You don’t necessarily have to update it every day – after all, you might not have anything to say some days – but a couple of posts every week will keep you in the game and help to steadily improve your blog success.

8 ) Be consistent but not too narrow

The topic or theme of your blog needs to be broad enough that you’ll be able to write lots about it and keep the variety going so it doesn’t lose interest, but you also need to be sure that you’re consistent when writing posts. For example, if you’re writing a blog post about a recent news item, don’t suddenly jump to a completely different topic halfway through, unless it’s relevant to a point you’re making. This will help to keep your blog focused and let people get a proper idea of what you’re trying to say.

9) Think about your design

Most people start out with a free blog that comes with a pre-set design and layout. This is great when you first get a blog, but as your readership and reputation grows, you might want to consider an alternate design that will really help your site stand out among a crowded field. The investment in a custom design can really pay off as it will make your blog look unique and will help you begin to develop a brand for your work as people will associate you with the design of your blog. Think about your style, what you’re trying to say and how you can translate that into an innovative blog design.

10) Enjoy it!

There’s no point blogging if you don’t like doing it as it will be obvious from what you write that it’s a chore. You need to be passionate about whatever it is you’re writing about and be enthusiastic about writing so that passion will really come across in your blog posts. You’re much more likely to find a readership if your posts are engaging and knowledgeable, so if you’re looking to find success with your blog, make sure it’s about something you love.