Travelling with Instagram

48% of users rely on Instagram to find a new travel destination

It’s becoming pretty clear that the one social site all businesses need to be on is Instagram, especially if your audience is between the ages of 18 and 50. A lot of brands are getting more bang for their buck by investing time and money in the social site that’s got audiences hooked. But there are some sectors where Instagram is especially powerful, like fashion, photography and travel.

Where’s the one place you go to get travel inspo? The chances are, it’s Instagram. A quick scroll of your news feed will often reveal jaw-dropping travel pictures that make you want to book a trip somewhere instantly. If you follow some of the best travel accounts, you’ll know that the standard of travel photos these days is extremely high, and boy do audiences love an impressive travel image.

According to Social Media Today, 48% of users rely on Instagram to find a new travel destination. If that’s not a reason to use Instagram for your travel marketing we’re not sure what is. Of all the niches and industries on Instagram, it seems the travel sector is really reaping the benefits of a platform seemingly perfectly design for travel inspiration and ideas.

Plus, with Instagram it’s not just about the number of followers, it’s all about engagement. According to Forrester Research users engage 10x more on Instagram than on Facebook and any other social media network. Promoting your content is one of the Five Pillars of Content Marketing, and what better place to showcase your travel images and videos than Instagram, a social site that’s all about visual content?

Thinking of using Instagram to promote your travel marketing? You might want to take some inspiration from some brands and bloggers who are totally nailing the Insta travel trend. We’ve come up with some top tips from some of the most impressive travel accounts.

Book from your feed


Airbnb, are leaders in the travel movement on Instagram, with a whopping 2.2 million followers. They know how to capitalise on their super sassy and aspirational photos. They’ve added a ‘book from our feed’ link in their bio so that users can literally book the places they see in their images. Hello epic conversion rates.

Branding mixed into content

British Airways

What British Airways do really well is mix branded images of their planes and staff with interesting travel photos, and it seems to really work. Some other brands have gone way too OTT with the branding side of things but BA appear to have nailed it.

Multi-photo stories

British Airways The Four Seasons Jungles In Paris

If you’re going to post a carousel of images, make sure there’s some sort of logic to them. Like when BA posted images of Mount Fuji in different seasons, or when The Four Seasons showcased their Beijing Hotel and all it had to offer. Even single images can tell a powerful story, an excellent example of this is Jungles In Paris, their travel images are so raw and real.

Strong descriptions


Expedia seem to have got the formula for image descriptions spot on. They find a way to tell a story, describe the photo in an engaging way and also add a call to action. They are also pretty hot on interaction with their followers, posting stuff like travel quizzes to increase engagement. Like this post for example.


One of the key messages to take note of when it comes to Insta tactics is that you should always try and keep things consistent. This is mostly to do with the colour scheme you choose, filters you use and also the sort of things you post. have somehow managed to sneakily add in their branded blue colours in every few photos in a very subtle and unintrusive way.

Pure, raw beauty

Visit California

People go nuts for stunning images of incredible places. And snapping these photos may be a challenge, but it certainly pays off. Visit California post some truly gorgeous images, like this awe-inspiring one for example.

When it comes to travel marketing on Instagram, you will never be short of ideas. So head over to Instagram and take a peek at what all the most successful brands and bloggers are posting, you can certainly learn a thing or two.

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