Twitter – Finding the Right Balance

We love Twitter at Strawberrysoup. It’s a great way of socialising, keeping up to date with friends, learning about new things and generally keeping in touch. We use it from both a personal and a business perspective, however we try to keep the two very separate.

We are not professional Twitter marketeers with thousands of followers, and we don’t claim to be, we just enjoy having the ability to share our knowledge, news and interesting snippets with the Twitterverse.

Success isn’t solely dependent on what you tweet,  but we have found that the nature of those 140 characters can seriously effect your follower quality and general interaction from your audience. Remember that it’s not all about the number of followers, but the quality of your followers.

Keep it interesting

It is really important for us that our personality can be found in our tweets. We think of our followers like an extended friend-base that are genuinely interested in who we are and what we do, so they like to interact with us via Twitter.

We don’t share information like “getting out of bed” or “drinking a cup of coffee” as neither of these add any real value to our audience. Nor do we subscribe to services like FourSquare that continue to share our locations throughout the day – who really cares?

We have found that many of our followers are web designers along the South Coast (but there are exceptions!) so we prefer to share interesting articles that we find on blogs, tutorials and find out what our followers are up to.


Everyone gets good news every now and then. We are no exception, so its nice to share when you win an interesting pitch or new project. We do think however that if 99% of your tweets are about awards you are nominated for, new jobs that you have available, how amazing you are, how many global clients you have – it tends to alienate people and they will soon get bored.

Apply the same rules as if you were interacting face-to-face. You wouldn’t brag about how successful or great you are to your friends or a group of people you have just met – it’s no different on Twitter.

Getting the balance right

We follow about 200 people right now. This number is likely to increase due to the amount of people using the service from around the world. Of these 200 people, we probably only know about 10% of our fellow Tweeters, so why do we follow them?

The majority offer some form of value or entertainment. Some are very well connected in the web industry, so can offer us insight to events that we couldn’t make. Others like to share interesting articles or links that we might find useful. There are others that take us away from our daily routine with jokes or humorous content.

Whatever the reason, we follow them as they get the balance right. They don’t promote themselves as amazing in every way. They may well mention a new project that they are working on or what they are up to, but they get the right balance – this is the key.

Networking Rules

Networking as you will have heard is an important aspect of modern business. It is also one clouded in skepticism and name badges. Use Twitter as a networking tool. Interact with people that you would like to get to know without awkward silences or those mandatory “the weather has been good recently” conversations.

One of our highest profile clients were gained via Twitter. We had caught the eye of some followers that worked at a large web design agency and were asked if we wanted to work on the project with them. This was both a fantastic opportunity to work on another high profile client, but also to get to know the agency better and work on other projects.


Twitter is no doubt a useful marketing tool. Remember that it’s not all about you, you and you. It is important to give your followers a reason to follow you and be interested in what you have to say. Try to stick to a set of informal rules that you can set yourself and remember – don’t brag too much!