Type:Rider – Learn the history of typography

We all have a favourite font. But how much do you really know about it? You may be a self-classified “font fanatic” who knows Gary Hustwit’s Helvetica by heart—maybe you even have Arial vs. Helvetica set as your homepage—but I’m willing to bet you’ll still learn something (and have fun) while playing Type:Rider. Available for iOS and Android, the game guides players through the history of typography as two dots (an umlaut / colon, of course) traveling over different font characters, solving riddles and unlocking the history behind our favourite typefaces. Players travel from prehistoric cave paintings to the more recent—and laughable—Comic Sans.

The app, which launched this week, is a clean-cut ode to the more attentive (and beautiful) side of typography—not to mention the game is a work of art itself. Once the player has explored all of the game’s ten worlds, the power-up pages come together to form an e-book for future reference. Check out the video below to get a feel for the app, then get it at the App store:


via Core77.