Go without your phone to help give clean water to children in need

If we were all being completely honest with ourselves, I think the majority of us could say that we are waaay too dependant on our phones, no? I know for one I have developed a weird obsessive reflex to constantly push the home button on my iPhone to check if I’ve missed any notifications in the past 90 seconds since I last checked… while it’s sat right in front of me. Not cool.

Unicef has taken advantage of this phone-obsessed realisation (I’m sure I’m not the only one!) and a kind of ‘self competitiveness’ and determination we can have to prove to ourselves that, sure, we can go without our phones with the Tap Project.

The idea is simple: Go to tap.unicefusa.org on your phone, tap ‘begin’, put your phone down and leave it alone for as long as you can. If you can’t resist a notification pop-up, turn on ‘Do not disturb’ and you’ll never know people are tweeting, Whatsapping and Snapchatting you šŸ˜‰

The page includes a timer and some interesting facts and figures to keep you motivated. This campaign just helps us all remember just how lucky we are to even have the option to choose to go without our phones while so many people go without basic survival needs.

So how long can you go without your phone? Go on, it’s for a good cause…

Unicef Tap Project: Go without your phone to help give clean water to children in need

On the same page, I recently came across this campaign video by Water is Life communicating a great message: ‘#FirstWorldProblems’ areĀ notĀ problems.


I’ll leave you with that.