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Once the internet was non-existent, TV consisted of four channels and brands were big with even bigger ad spend. Not anymore…

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Choice was limited, but most were ok with it. Being a consumer was pretty simple. Today everything has changed, consumers seek to buy from brands that align with their values, satisfy their needs and go hand in hand with their lifestyle.  

The Societal Norm…

Brands must now manage multiple channels, deliver round-the-clock customer service and devise complex logistics to cater for increasing demands. Brands have entered a situation whereby consumer demand drives innovation in goods and services, and in return those innovations further drive up consumer expectations. Brands such as Uber, AirBnB, Amazon Prime and Netflix are accepted as the norm and consumers are constantly looking ahead for the next thing.

UX Environment

UX is a way of thinking, an attitude and overall approach which underpins all digital work for a brand. It’s set by user research where brands can define the needs and requirements of their audience. The 3-step simple guide below highlights ways in which brands and in particular FMCG brands can use UX to build trust:

1. Brand personalisation-

‘Personalisation is transforming the face of the food and drink industry’ – The Drum

Brands need to consistently show users a unique brand story and personalisation. Consumers can then begin to understand the brand’s value and justify why they are particularly right for their requirements. For FMCG brands, no one size fits all and for brands to remain steadfast they need to create meaningful connections with their customers to stay ahead of new innovators.

Personalisation has allowed online and virtual stores to be increasingly customised to the individual at scale. A great example of a brand who provides extensive personalised content is UK blogger, Deliciously Ella. Instead of simply posting images and recipes, Ella often showcases her personal life, her business venture and personally replies to comments encouraging a continual cycle of communication.

2. Product packaging and branding

Product packaging can play a role in the success or failure of the sales of a product’ – Kristie Lorette

Product packaging and branding plays an important role in User Experience and can have a direct influence on consumers Decision Making Process. Packaging and branding communicates many things to the consumer, it highlights the brand’s core values, ethos, vision and effective packaging can distinguish one brand from another. Brands want to ensure they are memorable to their consumers, over the decades Coca Cola have made minor changes to their brand and packaging allowing them to stay true to their original look and feel.

3. Make the most of reviews & testimonials

Did you know that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? From a UX perspective, user reviews are known to increase Conversions. They provide an opportunity to eliminate doubts potential customers may have about a product or service and can positively help influence the consumer’s Decision Making Process (DMP). For FMCG brands, Integrating the ability to generate reviews and customer testimonials is important in providing brand value, trust and can maximise Conversions and repeat purchases.  

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