VW's Fun Theory

Volkswagon have recently had much success with their Fun Theory viral campaign, and they have developed it further with their Fast Lane campaign. We love this slide on the underground video – just goes to show that people on public transport can have fun and enjoy themselves.

The concept of the slides was taken to the extreme by Carsten Holler when he created slides in the Tate Modern.

“The slides changed the daily routine of those who experienced them, altering their modes of traveling and their conception of social appropriateness. In the midst of a public space, traveling down a slide like a child in a playground, one loses all sense of control, exactly what one fears in a collective environment”

We *love* the recent campaign by VW and think it’s just another great way of encouraging you to think fun and slightly different every once and a while!

This video shows another video from VW which relates to improving/speeding up the supermarket shopping experience! (Not sure if this would work for real though!)