We've dropped Internet Explorer 6!

Today, we are officially dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) in all future projects. Over time we have been monitoring browser usage and most importantly the steady decline of IE6.

The facts – You want the truth? You canʼt handle the truth!

From January 2011 browser statistics for global usage of IE6 is currently between 3.8% (W3C) or 12% (Net Applications) and in the UK the usage accounts for approximately 3%.

This has statistic has significantly dropped from last year, when it was almost double. Source: http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_explorer.asp

A majority of the large web companies such as Google and Facebook, no long support it either and this is because simply, it delivers a poor web experience and prevents progress!

More importantly for users though, is that IE6 a great security risk, even Microsoft admits it. Microsoft also strongly recommends their user base upgrades to the latest version. Source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2010/01/15/assessing-risk-of-ie-0dayvulnerability.aspx

Also, recently in the last few days Microsoft has also setup an IE6 countdown website, which can be found here: http://ie6countdown.com/index.html (we are keeping a close eye on it and so should you!).

Microsoft is actively trying to get users to drop the browser and adopt a more up to date browser. This is a bold move from them and almost unheard of in the tech-industry, it just reinforces that we need to move forward.

Why now?

At Strawberrysoup we strive to create the best user experience possible by using the latest and most advance technologies we can get our hands on. We try our best to make our projects work in every browser and build in deprecation where needed. However, websites are getting more and more sophisticated and there is a limit to how much deprecated support we can provide.

Weʼve also noticed that debugging IE6, depending on the project can consume development time. By dropping IE6 we hope to launch projects even faster.

DONʼT PANIC! – As a client how does this effect me?

From looking at statistics a vast majority of users today have an up to date version of explorer or using an alternative browser such as FireFox or Chrome. So depending on your audience it shouldnʼt effect your website too much.

A majority of legacy software such as IE6 exists in the public sector. So if your audience requires it or terms have been agreed before a project we will include development for IE6 where needed.

Other Options

We will try and notify or redirect users where possible in order to upgrade their browser by redirecting to alternatives or ways to upgrade or a simple notification that will appear on the website. A great example of this is “Pushup” the jQuery version has been developed by one of our developers and can be found here: https://github.com/stuartloxton/jquery-pushup

Your industry needs you!Your industry needs you!

In order to finally reduce IE6 to 0%, we need other agencies and developers to drop support in order to move forward. So spread the word and join us and tweet #dropIE6 so we can follow our supporters.

Some less tech-savvy users may not understand why, but as experts and professionals in our industry it is our responsibility and in our interests to educate clients and people within our industry on why we are dropping support.

What else can you expect?

We always try pushing the envelope when we can, but by not supporting IE6, we hope to provide our clients and their users and even richer web experience. So youʼll hopefully be seeing some exciting news from us shortly. Stay tuned.

To finish off, I found this image to sum up IE6. Produced by “Robot Johnny”, as developers IE6 just doesnʼt let us play with all our cool toys.

IE6 denial message for Momentile.com