WhereWeDesign Launched and 10,000 Visits per Day

We love the design community and the people, agencies and places that everyone works. With this in mind, we launched WhereWeDesign in January 2010 – a new community whereby creative people can share where they work.

The response to date has been fantastic. We have had submissions from graphic designers, architects, web designers, musicians, interior designers and various other creative people who wanted to share their spaces as inspiration to others. There has been lots of activity on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

At the peak of its traffic to date, the website attracted 10,000 visits in one day following a featured on @smashingmag whereby the server crashed due to the levels of traffic that the website received! We are also really proud of the response the website has received from the blogging community, with many personal blogs featuring the website and recommending users to submit their workspaces.

Some of our personal favourites include Parliament, Bark Design and APFEL. Thanks so much for everyone’s support so far, and keep submitting your design workspaces!!