Inspiring children to learn across the UK.

The client

Explore Learning has 128 centres located throughout the UK. In them, they provide award-winning tuition for children of all abilities, as well as offering amazing opportunities to develop their key skills within Maths and English. With their out-of-hours tuition, the Explore curriculum includes Maths, English, Creative Writing, Handwriting and tutoring especially for entrance exams, such as the Eleven Plus.

Explore Learning tutors work with children in a maximum ratio of 1:6, ensuring the right balance between individual support and independent learning.

Project insight into
Audience workshops

“Speaking directly to staff, parents and students really helped us to understand what was important to showcase and highlight as both part of the brand and within the new website that we launched.”

– Jaime, Technical Director

The challenge

The education market is getting very competitive, especially in the private education centre market. Explore Learning had identified the need to refresh their identity to make them feel more fun, approachable and results-led. Post-rebrand, they then wanted to ensure their website was working as hard for them as it could.

Explore Learning needed to showcase why they are different to their closest competitors. Not just from a course and learning perspective, but from the staff that they have. Many customers comment how their staff feel like extended family and this helps to encourage and facilitate their children’s learning.

There are many audiences that Explore Learning target. Not just parents and children in the UK and US, but also staff members that can work at any of their 128 centres. Splitting the journeys was key to ensuring the website was successful at both driving free trials in centre, but also job applications.

Explore Learning Homepage

The solution

We firstly had to get our heads into Explore Learning, what they offered and why the offer it to. We commenced with a detailed planning phase that included user personas, journeys, optimised the IA and looked at what competitors were doing digitally from a functional and design perspective. We were keen to ensure the user groups were included during the planning process so ran a series of focus groups with the children and parents have really helped steer our branding and website ideas.

From a branding perspective, we have evolved their identity by enhancing their existing logo and visual language, bringing this to life across their digital platforms.

For their website, we applied the new brand & design assets we created across the cohesive, fully bespoke experience, built entirely within WordPress. Our talented SEO department worked tirelessly throughout the design & development phases to ensure Explore Learning were poised for successful growth.

Post-launch, we have been focusing on the importance of location-based SEO due to their 128 locations across the UK. Utilising great tools like Moz helps ensure we are up-to-date with all SERP ranking changes post-launch.


Explore Learning on Tablet
Explore Learning on Mobile

The results

We’re really proud of the results we’ve achieved so far for Explore Learning. To date, we’ve achieved the following: –

+413% increase in leads on mobile devices

+105% increase in leads for centre trials since launch

+52% increase in job applications for careers

+29% higher traffic from organic search

-19% reduction in bounce rate

Explore Mobile 2

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