Supporting a European product launch with a recipe app.


The globally-renowned kitchen appliance manufacturer, part of the Kenwood Delonghi Braun group, wanted a recipe app to compliment the European launch of a brand new appliance the kCook Multi.


Project insight into
Client feedback

“Strawberrysoup has been a great agency to work with. They developed a recipe app for Kenwood for a new cooking product. They were very professional to work with, dealt with our queries and requests easily and efficiently even when we had a very short time frame to launch the app. ”

-Clare Wheeler, Kenwood

The challenge

Kenwood already had a recipe app, however, for the project Strawberrysoup took on, they wanted a new layout which their existing app couldn’t support. The real challenge came in the deadline for the app. The appliance was launching in 3 months and so the app had to have a fast turnaround.

The tight design and development window had to take into account that the app needed to be multi-territory offering over 400 recipes to French, Italian, Spanish and English speakers and work across multiple devices on iOS and Android.

The solution

Firstly, we came up with ideas and created prototypes in rapid time using Invision. This helped us to create realistic flows for people following the recipes. We aimed for simple and intuitive designs which echoed the device’s ethos of 1 pot-style cooking.

Language Targeting

We had to cater for different languages so needed to provide an on the fly translation within the app depending on which language was set. The app was designed to target the user’s default language set on their phone to select which set of recipes to download and display.

Cross-device development

The app needed to be usable on multiple devices so our team worked on tablet and smartphone UI. We built the app and managed the content insertion for all 3 languages.

The Technical

For this project, there were multiple elements to take into account. We used a headless CMS where the client was able to control the recipe content for the app which is retrieved via an OAuth based API.

It was cleverly designed so that when a recipe is updated on the CMS, it will be picked up by the app and the recipe will be updated accordingly.

Additionally, everything was designed to work offline. The whole idea was awesome, an app built using a combination of PhoneGap and AngularJS which talks to an API connected to a Symfony2 framework all without having a heavy impact on UX.

Testing phase

We then installed the app onto the Kenwood internal devices for the testing phase. We had a copy on a device within 24 hours ready for review by the European marketing manager.


Through technical wizardry, we created an app that matched their requirements exactly, and launched the day they had requested in multiple regions across Europe! The app allows people in France, Italy and Spain to create some amazing dishes with their new kCook Multi. We consider that a success for us and Kenwood.

We used our in-depth knowledge of cross platform app development to make sure that things were not slowed down by doing iOS and Android in parallel. The result was an app delivered on time, on budget and a very happy client. We are now working on additional features to further add to the experience.

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