Yahoo's new logo: Yay or nay?

Yahoo! has launched their first big logo change in 18 years! And we’re not so sure about it…

Yahoo!'s new logo


Yahoo!'s new logo blueprints

They wanted something that ’embraced the evolution of our products’ while keeping the essence of the original logo. I think they have achieved this, the new logo keeps certain, recognisable, features of the original but in a more simple and ‘grown up’ way. My main worry, though, is that it has lost some of it’s fun and playful side that the previous logo portrayed (below), making the company seem more serious.Yahoo!'s previous logoThough still purple, the final logo is a new shade with more of a blue tint, perhaps to differentiate them selves with a more recognisable brand colour. I prefer the logo in a flat colour and am not sure about the bevelled look, especially when it’s printed bigger.

To launch their new branding Yahoo! introduced their new logo with a ‘30 Days of Change‘ campaign, where a different design idea was released each day, with the new official logo revealed on the 30th day. This was a nice way to create hype and get people to pay attention to their changes.

Some of the '30 Days of Change' logo designs

Of course, highlighting the redesign so much may not be the best idea, given the negative vibes surrounding the new logo already! Though if you do really like it, you can generate your own here, like we have below, what do you think?!

Strawberrysoup, Yahoo style!

Either way, the logo redesign is part of a bigger makeover for Yahoo!, so let’s see what else they have up their sleeves. What do you think about the new logo, and where do you think Yahoo! should go with their makeover?

Let us know!